It's a new year and another chance for me to live a good life. I call 2018 my year of redemption for that reason. I wish time travel were possible because I made so many stupid mistakes. I even made a few dumb mistakes concerning War Commander that I also want to correct. I would either go back to August 2011 and play the game from the very beginning, or stop myself from playing the game at all. Perhaps I should have kept playing because then I would not have hurt my friends last year. I was a rude jerk to them and I need to make up with them somehow.

As for the time travel part, I have been studying wormholes and how it could be done. I just need one leading to 2011 to open up in my house and I will be able to fix my life. I can still dream about it. If that doesn't work, I will be doing some heroic things for them to redeem myself. At least I can try to be a hero to them so at least they will accept my apology. I need to start over and forget about my stupid mistakes. -_-