War Commander: Rogue Assault Wikia

Units are one of the major game elements used for both attacking and defending. Each unit has their own class, role, damage type, and counters. They are distributed into five main categories: Infantry, Light Vehicle, Heavy Vehicle, Helicopter and Air.

Unit Blueprints are unlocked with either player level or via event credits, as well as the required production building level. Only then, a unit may be produced/promoted. Produced units can't be scrapped and will stay with the player forever.

Promoting can increase a unit's stats depending on their role (Tank-Role units often gain a boost to both HP and DPS whereas DPS role units only gain boosted damage), but require a number of common and critical components, which are earned through Command Center Crates and Events.

Formerly, building advanced units (such as the Machine Gunner or Abrams M1A1) actually require critical components which can cause confusion to players not being able to do so.

Equipment can do the same as promoting, but they are only unlocked when a unit reaches specific levels, and mat offer a great variety of boosts which are otherwise restricted by promotions.

When multiple units are assigned in a single slot, they spread out in hex pattern and the more there are, the bigger the cluster. Units don't bump into each other.

Unit Overview[]

Unit Overview provides a summary and comparison of unit stats.


A group of units made for attacking bases, specifically Campaign, PvP, and PvE. There are five ground slots and two air slots. The former accommodates all but the fixed-wing aircraft, which is instead contained by the latter. You can use 3 platoons, Alpha, Bravo (Command Center lvl 3), and Charlie (command center lvl 5). Slide the platoon bar at the bottom of the army screen and when scouting to see each platoon. However, only 1 platoon can be used in an attack, meaning you must choose wisely. Damaged platoons cannot be modified unless they are repaired.

All units save for fixed wing aircraft can be commanded around manually, save for those spawned from a destroyed unit (Machine Gunners from Cougar, for example). Ground units don't seem to avoid mines unless manually directed away from them.

Fixed-Wing Aircraft behave differently than any other unit types. You can only order them to target specific buildings or an area (Sometimes they are able to be directed against enemy units). They have different behavior each.

Drones & Gunships[]

These will continue to circle around the target area until their targets are destroyed. In the case of Gunships, they may linger for some time and fly off instead.

Fighter Jets & Bombers[]

These will approach their target, execute their attack, then leave the battlefield.

Upgrade Progression[]

Level Cost Capacity Max units Requirements
Ground Air
1 N/A 500 300 10 N/A (Alpha)
Command Center Lvl 3 (Beta)
Command Center Lvl 5 (Charlie)
2 Metal25,000 600 350 15 Command Center Lvl 2
3 Metal80,000 700 400 20 Command Center Lvl 3
4 Metal175,000
800 500 20 Command Center Lvl 4
5 Metal390,000
1,000 600 20 Command Center Lvl 5
6 Metal1,260,000
1,200 800 Command Center Lvl 6
7 1,400 900 Command Center Lvl 7
8 Metal3,250,000
Command Center Lvl 8


Assigned defender units can spawn from their respective production building to defend your base from attackers. Their tabs are revealed when their production building has been constructed, like the Helipad. You have a maximum of 3 slots for each.

These units are technically defenses. In a player base, they do not need to be repaired when they are defeated, and will always respawn in mint condition after a fight. Rogue faction bases and campaign enemies (outside of nightmare tiers) are exceptions. You can see the assigned units around their production buildings to find out what unit will spawn. For example, if a Hind is floating above a helipad, you should expect them to come if you can't destroy it.

Defender units take a certain amount of time to spawn depending on their capacity size (0.42s per 5 capacity) and they are rounded down. If you destroy their production building beforehand, they won't spawn for the rest of the attack. The time it takes to spawn is indicated by a yellow bar decreasing just below the HP bar.

Generally, most of the unit's properties are kept. For example, a Level 2 Cougar with the Machine Gunner Squad Equipment will spawn Machine gunners when destroyed. However, IFVs tend to glitch and not spawn them.

Reinforcement FOBs can do the same thing as long as the base being attacked is adjacent to them. They spawn units depending on direction and type after 5 seconds have passed.

Defending fixed-wing aircraft will circle the airfield and attack eligible units that get too close. Not all can be used as defenders (Thunderbolt and Raptor, for example).

Additionally, all units will only chase those they can hit with their primary weapon. For example, a Humvee with the FIM-43 Redeye missile equipment will not chase Fixed-Wing Aircraft actively, although if they fly within range, the secondary weapon will fire at them. (The Cougar somehow chases after fixed-wing units despite being unable to hit them). Units spawned from production buildings are unending chasers and will hunt down all possible targets until they or their targets are destroyed.

In NPC bases such as FOBs, Campaign enemies, event maps and strongholds, there are enemy units placed on the map manually (This does not apply to Fixed-Wing Aircraft). These units are different in that they have limited reach and if the player's units managed to outrun them or if all targets within range are destroyed, they will give up pursuit and turn back to their original location.


Level Cost Capacity Requirements
1 Metal25,000 160 Command Center Lvl 2
2 Metal55,000 320 Command Center Lvl 3
3 Metal110,000
440 Command Center Lvl 4
4 Metal225,000
520 Command Center Lvl 5
5 Metal700,000
600 Command Center Lvl 6

War Factory[]

Level Cost Capacity Requirements
1 Metal55,000 300 Command Center Lvl 3
2 Metal110,000
400 Command Center Lvl 4
3 Metal225,000
500 Command Center Lvl 5
4 Metal700,000
600 Command Center Lvl 6


Level Cost Capacity Requirements
1 Metal110,000
400 Command Center Lvl 4
2 Metal225,000
500 Command Center Lvl 5
3 Metal700,000
600 Command Center Lvl 6