War Commander: Rogue Assault Wikia

Increases the rate of fire of your turrets within its power field.
  — In-Game Description 

General Information[]

Transformers can increase a turret's fire rate or reload speed within its radius. They cannot be placed right next to each other in a radius, but there is a bug that allows it. One turret in range of more than one transformer will only receive the bonus from the transformer with the most energy.

The bonuses will split and round down between all turrets in range, even if some are already fully powered.

When the power plant is destroyed, all Transformers will take damage equal to 90% of their current HP if they are still standing. If they are destroyed, the turret will lose it's boost.

Upgrade Progression[]

Level Cost Health Speed Boost XP Gain Requirements
1 Metal3,000 2,750 50% +30 Power Plant Lvl 2
2 Metal21,000 3,750 55% +170 Power Plant Lvl 3
3 Metal70,000 5,000 60% +560 Power Plant Lvl 4
4 Metal180,000 6,750 65% +1,420 Power Plant Lvl 5
5 Metal550,000 8,500 70% +4,340 Power Plant Lvl 6
6 Metal1,150,000 10,500 75% +9,100 Power Plant Lvl 7
7 Metal2,350,000 13,000 80% +18,600 Power Plant Lvl 8

Visual Progression[]

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
BldgMenu-Pic-Transformer.png Transformer 2.png Transformer 3.png Transformer 4.png
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7