The Stryker IFV Transport is a durable and close ranged variant of the Stryker. If it gets destroyed, Force Recon units jump out and help finish the fight at the same level as your Army's Force Recon.
  — In-Game Description 
Target Efficiency
Infantry Light Vehicles Heavy Vehicles Copters Planes
Excellent Good Bad Good Cannot Target
Role Damage Type Speed Range Capacity Equipment Shoot and Move
Support AOE 120 170 125 Force Recon Squad

Iron Curtain APS

IFV Crew

6mm Aluminium Bannel

RMG 7.62mm MG

Build Cost Unlock Requirements
Metal Component
590,000 None Player Lvl 45
War Factory Lvl 7

General Information[edit | edit source]

The Stryker IFV is the next evolution of the Cougar (formerly HUMVEE IFV) and is an excellent ground unit, both as an LAV and IFV. On top of standard stat boosts over its predecessor, the Stryker IFV's primary is able to hit Fixed-Wing units, while the secondary weapon has more than double of the primary's range. The other major differences include carrying Force Recons instead of Machine Gunners, as well as having a countermeasure system that neutralizes rockets from salvo turrets as well as some helicopters. In swarms, it is highly effective versus buildings, enemy infantry and helicopters. However, the primary's short range may hamper its usage, as most the secondary's DPS, while sufficient versus enemy infantry and light vehicles, is insufficient against barriers.

It is also the FOB Unit for the Infantry Vehicle Reinforcement at levels 4-7, replacing the Cougar and being succeeded by BMP.

Unit Progression[edit | edit source]

Level Promote Cost Repair Cost (Oil) DPS Health XP Gain
Metal Thorium Component
1 N/A N/A N/A 600 820 15,000 N/A
2 440,000 N/A x480 Stryker Critical
x370 Light Vehicle Common
648 840 15,600 0
3 490,000 N/A x520 Stryker Critical
x410 Light Vehicle Common
700 884 16,220
4 530,000 N/A x580 Stryker Critical
x450 Light Vehicle Common
756 928 16,860 (est)
5 1,850,000 N/A x300 Stryker Critical
x600 Light Vehicle Common
816 976 17,530 (est)
6 2,400,000 21,500 x500 Stryker Critical
x800 Light Vehicle Common
882 1024 18,230 (est)
7 3,500,000 25,000 x750 Stryker Critical
x1000 Light Vehicle Common
952 1076 18,950 (est)
8 4,800,000 30,000 x1000 Stryker Critical
x1500 Light Vehicle Common
1028 1128 19,730
9 6,150,000 35,000 x1500 Stryker Critical
x2000 Light Vehicle Common
1111 1184 20,520
10 7,300,000 40,000 x2000 Stryker Critical
x2500 Light Vehicle Common
1119 1244 21,340 (est)

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Armored Frame

HP Increase 
Lv1 +5%
Lv2 +10%
Lv3 +15%
Lv4 +20%
Lv5 +25%
Lv6 +30%
Lv7 +35%
Lv8 +40%
Lv9 +45%
Lv10 +50%

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although the in-game Stryker IFV comes with a main gun by default, the unit icon does not display it.
  • The Stryker IFV was originally added as a unit claimable in events, along with the PK IFV and Humvee IFV. Amongst the three it's the only unit to be kept in the later updates (2.37), though the original Stryker was phased out due to overlapping with Ontos II.
    • Despite this, the description remains unchanged.
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