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The Sniper Has Arrived

Nearly invisible to enemy units due to their long range, Snipers are deadly to infantry and helicopters.
  — In-Game Description 
Target Efficiency
Infantry Light Vehicles Heavy Vehicles Copters Planes
Excellent Good Bad Excellent Bad
Role Damage Type Speed Range Capacity Equipment Shoot and Move
Support Burst 60 400 80 Kevlar Inserts No
Build Cost Unlock Requirements
Metal Component
50,000 x10 Sniper Critical Barracks Lvl 3

Sniper Blueprint (Earned in events)

General Information[]

The sniper features the longest range of any infantry unit available (around with that of the Ghost, which serves a similar role to the sniper).  The Sniper is absolutely devastating against helicopters, making it essential for taking out helicopter Outposts, Strongholds and FOB’s.

The unit can even outrange certain turrets such as Railguns, though they deal very little damage to these turrets and you will need to find something else to destroy them.

As a defender, The Sniper takes a relatively long time to deploy from the Barracks. Again, they are quite effective against enemy light vehicles, helicopters, and infantry but are easily countered by a tank shielding the damage, as they suffer a penalty against these units. They in fact even struggle to destroy a group of Reaper Drones.

The Sniper’s power level increases exponentially after a few promotions, making it an appropriate unit for players at every level. However, at higher levels, it's replaced by the Ghost.

Unit Progression[]

Level Promote Cost Repair Cost (Oil) DPS Health XP Gain
Metal Thorium Component
1 N/A N/A N/A 587 302 2,250 N/A
2 50,000 N/A x100 Sniper Critical
x150 Infantry Common
622 377 0
3 100,000 N/A x300 Sniper Critical
x200 Infantry Common
657 474
4 350,000 N/A x400 Sniper Critical
x400 Infantry Common
692 601
5 750,000 N/A x600 Sniper Critical
x600 Infantry Common
745 769
6 625,000 9000 x1000 Sniper Critical
x800 Infantry Common
760 993 3,000
7 2,000,000 N/A x1500 Sniper Critical
x1000 Infantry Common
847 1295
8 3,250,000 N/A x2000 Sniper Critical
x1500 Infantry Common
944 1706
9 5,000,000 N/A x3000 Sniper Critical
x2000 Infantry Common
1055 2271
10 7,750,000 N/A x4000 Sniper Critical
x2500 Infantry Common
1181 3055

Role Equipment[]

If the Sniper is >=Lv5 then it will have the following health stat for each level of Equipment[]

Kevlar Inserts
Eqp. Lv Unit Lv (Stat) Increase  New (STAT) Total
Lv1 >=Lv5 +5% (+75 HP) 1,575 HP
Lv2 >=Lv5 +10% (+150 HP) 1,650 HP
Lv3 >=Lv5 +15% (+225 HP) 1,725 HP
Lv4 >=Lv5 +20% (+300 HP) 1,800 HP
Lv5 >=Lv5 +25% (+375 HP) 1,875 HP
Lv6 >=Lv5 +30% (+450 HP) 1,950 HP
Lv7 >=Lv5 +35% (+525 HP) 2,025 HP
Lv8 >=Lv5 +40% (+600 HP) 2,100 HP
Lv9 >=Lv5 +45% (+675 HP) 2,175 HP
Lv10 >=Lv5 +50% (+750 HP) 2,250 HP

If the Sniper is <=Lv6 then it will have the following health stat for each level of Equipment[]

Kevlar Inserts
Eqp. Lv
(Stat) Increase  New (STAT) Total
Lv1 <=Lv6 +5% (+150 HP) 3,150 HP
Lv2 <=Lv6 +10% (+300 HP) 3,300 HP
Lv3 <=Lv6 +15% (+450 HP) 3,450 HP
Lv4 <=Lv6 +20% (+600 HP) 3,600 HP
Lv5 <=Lv6 +25% (+750 HP) 3,750 HP
Lv6 <=Lv6 +30% (+900 HP) 3,900 HP
Lv7 <=Lv6 +35% (+1,050 HP) 4,050 HP
Lv8 <=Lv6 +40% (+1,200 HP) 4,200 HP
Lv9 <=Lv6 +45% (+1,350 HP) 4,350 HP
Lv10 <=Lv6 +50% (+1,500 HP) 4,500 HP

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