War Commander: Rogue Assault Wikia
War Commander: Rogue Assault Wikia
S1 Pantsir
Anti-Air 40 550 200

Build Cost
5,000,000 N/A War Factory Lvl 8

Acquire Blueprint in Events

General Information[]

The S1 Pantsir is the first specialized Anti-Air vehicle in the entire game. Although only able to hit aerial foes it targets them with devastating missiles (and the auto cannon secondary, if avaliable) at high accuracies. Though a weak unit, the S1 Pantsir nevertheless compensates with it's great range - the second-highest out of all heavy vehicles. The range allows it to effectively support an attacking army using heavy vehicles, a category which lacks anti-air equipment.

Most notable, the S1 Pantsir cannot be guided with the "select all" button. This allows the player to continue their attack while leaving the Pantsir behind to destroy enemy aircraft.

Promote Cost
1 N/A N/A N/A 900 2,300 20,000
2 1.3m N/A x620 S1 Pantsir  Critical
x550 Heavy Vehicle Common
936 2,369 20,600
3 1.5m N/A x740 S1 Pantsir Critical
x610 Heavy Vehicle Common
973 2,440 21,220
4 1.6m N/A x890 S1 Pantsir Critical
x670 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,012 2,513 21,860
5 1.8m N/A x1100 S1 Pantsir Critical
x740 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,052 2,589 22,520
6 1.9m 9,250 x1300 S1 Pantsir Critical
x810 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,094 2,667 23,200
7 2.1m 12,500 x1500 S1 Pantsir Critical
x890 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,138 2,747 23,900
8 2.3m 16,500 x1800 S1 Pantsir Critical
x980 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,184 2,829 24,620
9 2.6m 20,750 x2200 S1 Pantsir Critical
x1100 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,231 2,913 25,360
10 2.8m 25,000 x2600 S1 Pantsir Critical
x1200 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,280 3,000 26,120
11 5m 1,000,000 x3000 S1 Pantsir Critical
x2000 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,280 3,390 29,516
12 10m 2,000,000 x3500 S1 Pantsir Critical
x2300 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,280 3,865 33,648
13 15m 3,000,000 x4000 S1 Pantsir Critical
x2700 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,280 4,444 38,695
14 20m 4,000,000 x4600 S1 Pantsir Critical
x3200 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,280 5,155 44,886
15 30m 5,000,000 x5200 S1 Pantsir Critical
x3800 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,280 6,805 59,250


Vet AA Crew

Steel Plate Armor

Phased Array RADAR

KBO 30mm Autocannon

Composite Tile


  • The S1 Pantsir is based on the eponymous real-life AA Missile system.
  • Though in general T5 and T6 Unit Blueprints cost around 200,000 event credits, the S1 Pantsir's Blueprint only costs 100,000 credits, despite being a T5 unit.
    • Additionally, the cost is not reduced in events that it would have been lower, namely in Grim Winter.
  • It and Artemis are the only specialized Anti-Air heavy vehicles - Their primary weapons can attack only aerial foes but they compensate with their extreme range. They also cannot be selected with the select all button for this very reason.
    • However, the S1 Pantsir does not have secondaries that allows them to target ground units.