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Raptor Unit Spotlight

Raptors deliver devastating damage to a ground targeted area of the battle field
  — In-Game Description 
Target Efficiency
Infantry Light Vehicles Heavy Vehicles Copters Planes
Excellent Excellent Good Cannot Target Cannot Target
Role Speed Range Capacity Cooldown Between Attacks Equipment
Airstrike 300 300 250 1 minute Reinforced Fuel Tank
Build Cost Unlock Requirements
Resource Component
Metal2,100,000 x20 Raptor Critical Player Lvl 51
Airfield Lvl 5

General Information[]

The Raptor is a direct upgrade over to the Thunderbolt as explosive missiles are more effective against buildings. They share their behavior in that they will fly to a single target, attack it, then quickly escape, but the Raptor has much higher damage, speed (thus reducing potential damage caused to the unit), and most importantly, it's targeting. The Raptor is not limited to just buildings, and can be directed against anywhere on the ground, making it useful even against enemy units in a pinch, as well as devastating buildings caught in the blast. All comes at just an additional 50 in terms of platoon capacity. It also has a squad count of 5, meaning that a full group of Raptors can wreck more havoc in a single run.

Unit Progression[]

Level Promote Cost Repair Cost
Per Unit
DPS Health XP Gain
Resource Component
1 N/A N/A 901 1,714 4,900 N/A
2 Metal425,000 x75 Raptor Critical
x100 Air Common
950 2,611 +3,500
3 Metal490,000 x520 Raptor Critical
x410 Air Common
1,003 3050
4 Metal1,350,000 x580 Raptor Critical
x450 Air Common
1,059 3,571
5 Metal2,200,000 x300 Raptor Critical
x600 Air Common
1,118 4,196
6 Metal2,850,000 x500 Raptor Critical
x800 Air Common
1,180 4,944
7 Metal4,200,000 x750 Raptor Critical
x1000 Air Common
1,248 5,844
8 Metal5,750,000 x1000 Raptor Critical
x1500 Air Common
1,319 6,930
9 Metal7,300,000 x1500 Raptor Critical
x2000 Air Common
1,395 8,244
10 Metal8,700,000 x2000 Raptor Critical
x2500 Air Common
1,476 9,839

Role Equipment[]

Reinforced Fuel Tank

HP Increase  New HP Total
Lv1 +5% (+245 HP) 5,145 HP
Lv2 +10% (+290 HP) 5,390 HP
Lv3 +15% (+735 HP) 5,635 HP
Lv4 +20% (+980 HP) 5880 HP
Lv5 +25% (+1,225 HP) 6,125 HP
Lv6 +30% (+1,470 HP) 6,370 HP
Lv7 +35% (+1,715 HP) 6,615 HP
Lv8 +40% (+1,960 HP) 6,860 HP
Lv9 +45% (+2,205 HP) 7,105 HP
Lv10 +50% (+2,450 HP) 7,350 HP

External Links[]

  • The Raptor is based on the real-Life F-22 Raptor fighter jet.