Fires a high speed projectile, bringing long range annihilation to anything in its path.
  — In-Game Description 
Can target Ground Can target Air Damage Type Charge Time
Yes No Burst 7.75 seconds

General Information Edit

The Railgun can be very deadly against a group of ground units as it does penetrative damage which can hit multiple units in a line that exceeds its firing range. It should be noted, outside of its range, damage drops off very quickly. and cannot miss. Unlike every other turret in the game, it charges slowly before firing.

Its main weakness is that it cannot target Air, and Light Vehicles can easily get out of its range before firing, just as long as it is not buffed by a Transformer. Advanced tanks like Leopard have a longer range than railgun, so they can destroy railguns without coming into their range.

Upgrade Progression Edit

Level Cost Damage Per Second Range Speed Requirements
1 Metal-Icon25,000 390 360 100 Command Center Lvl 3
2 Metal-Icon75,000 429 Command Center Lvl 4
3 Metal-Icon210,000 472 Command Center Lvl 5
4 Metal-Icon615,000 519 Command Center Lvl 6
5 Metal-Icon2,225,000 571 Command Center Lvl 7

Visual Progression Edit

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Turret-Pic-Railgun Railgun 2
Level 5
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