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BUILDING DESCRIPTION Produces all the Power needed to operate Buildings & Defense Turrets found on a Base. BldgMenu-Pic-PowerPlant.png
EFFECTS OF UPGRADE Upgrade the Power Plant to Increase the total Power output to provide for increasing Power needs of a Base.
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Provides power for base defenses.
  — In-Game Description 

General Information[]

The Power Plant mainly exists as a restriction to Transformer upgrades in the player's base. As transformer upgrades will enhance the boosts they provide, the Power Plant is indirectly crucial for base defense.

When destroyed, all Transformers' health will be reduced to an estimate of 10%, making them much easier to destroy. The damage scales on their current health, so they will not be destroyed entirely no matter how much damage was taken before. This also applies to the Heavy Transformers.

Upgrade Progression[]

Level Cost Health XP Gain Requirements
1 Metal6,000 3,000 +50 Command Center Lvl 2
2 Metal12,000 4,750 +100
3 Metal40,000 6,500 +320 Command Center Lvl 3
4 Metal100,000 8,500 +790 Command Center Lvl 4
5 Metal290,000 10,500 +2,290 Command Center Lvl 5
6 Metal670,000 13,000 +5,300 Command Center Lvl 6
7 Metal1,400,000 15,250 +11,100 Command Center Lvl 7
8 Metal3,000,000 18,500 +23,700 Command Center Lvl 8

Visual Progression[]

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
BldgMenu-Pic-PowerPlant.png Power Plant 2.png Power Plant 3.png Power Plant 4.png
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Power Plant 5.png


  • On rare cases, like in Campaign maps, a Power Plant can appear even though no transformer is on the map. This means that the transformer is merely another destructible miscellaneous building in this case.