War Commander: Rogue Assault Wikia

General Information[]

The M270 is fragile and slow, but can outrange even railguns and supply high damage at range, on top of firing over obstacles. It easily replaced Mortarmen and can be a powerful siege weapon. Before sending your army into the fray, it can be used to pick off enemy barriers, paving way for allied tanks and reducing potential damage taken. It is also the first heavy vehicle with an anti-air secondary slot, giving it limited defense against annoying fixed wing aircraft and helicopters that heavy vehicles usually fail to target.

As it offers poor defense to itself, try to keep an eye on enemy artillery pieces like Howitzers and Salvo Turrets. While using your tanks to bait enemy units would be a good option, beware that they may turn on the launchers themselves if they enter a blindspot. Light vehicles and infantry are naturally vulnerable to a salvo of rockets if they aren't moving quickly enough, but in the case of aircraft (especially gunship helicopters, which inflict bonus damage to heavy vehicles), consider bringing some extra infantry and certain light vehicles (or even a Pantsir if you skipped GMLRS but do not own a properly upgraded HIMARS yet) since its secondary cannot easily handle them.

Unit Progression[]

Level Promote Cost Repair Cost
Per Unit
DPS Health XP Gain
Resource Component
1 N/A N/A Oil327 244 6,100 N/A
2 Metal55,000 x220 M270 Launcher Critical
x110 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil354 256 +1,500
3 Metal100,000 x240 M270 Launcher Critical
x120 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil382 294
4 Metal200,000 x270 M270 Launcher Critical
x130 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil409 341
5 Metal150,000 x290 M270 Launcher Critical
x150 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil439 395



x320 M270 Launcher Critical
x160 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil470 461



x360 M270 Launcher Critical
x180 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil483 538



'x390' M270 Launcher Critical
x200 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil495 631



'x430' M270 Launcher Critical
x220 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil506 655



'x470' M270 Launcher Critical
x240 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil519 668

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