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War Commander: Rogue Assault Wikia

M270 Unit Spotlight

A light-armored heavy vehicle, the general's shotgun, fires mid-range M26 rockets that obliterate groups of buildings and enemies.
  — In-Game Description 
Target Efficiency
Infantry Light Vehicles Heavy Vehicles Copters Planes
Excellent Good Excellent Cannot Target Cannot Target
Role Damage Type Speed Range Capacity Equipment Shoot and Move
Siege Artillery Explosive Rocket 35 380 100 Artillery Crew

30MM Steel Plate

240MM Rocket Launcher

FIM-43 Redeye Missile

Build Cost Unlock Requirements
Resource Component
Metal210,000 x20 M270 Launcher Critical Player Lvl 37
War Factory Lvl 6

General Information[]

This is the first heavy vehicle the player can use as a support vehicle, boasting better range than most support units at it's level. It isn't as powerful as five mortarmen nor durable, but it has longer range and can hit farther over obstacles. It also can outrange a railgun (whose range is 360) and is likely the first acquirable unit with such ability.

Although it takes up a lot of capacity, the M270 isn't powerful without a few more in quantity. They are still very vulnerable to other defending units as it can't hit them so try bringing in some Machine Gunners or riflemen to destroy defending Reapers and Helicopters. They can still replace mortarmen in a platoon easily due to their superior range. Try to deploy them behind friendly tank-role units to unleash havoc. Although one may be tempted, it's not recommended to use them to directly target defending enemy units as this will draw their aggro and cause them to be easily destroyed.

Unit Progression[]

Level Promote Cost Repair Cost
Per Unit
DPS Health XP Gain
Resource Component
1 N/A N/A Oil327 244 6,100 N/A
2 Metal55,000 x220 M270 Launcher Critical
x110 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil354 256 +1,500
3 Metal100,000 x240 M270 Launcher Critical
x120 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil382 294
4 Metal200,000 x270 M270 Launcher Critical
x130 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil409 341
5 Metal150,000 x290 M270 Launcher Critical
x150 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil439 395



x320 M270 Launcher Critical
x160 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil470 461



x360 M270 Launcher Critical
x180 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil483 538



'x390' M270 Launcher Critical
x200 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil495 631



'x430' M270 Launcher Critical
x220 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil506 655



'x470' M270 Launcher Critical
x240 Heavy Vehicle Common
Oil519 668


Name Reactive Armor

HP Increase  New HP Total
Lv1 +5% (+305 HP) 6,405 HP
Lv2 +10% (+610 HP) 6,710 HP
Lv3 +15% (+915 HP) 7,015 HP
Lv4 +20% (+1,220 HP) 7,320 HP
Lv5 +25% (+1,525 HP) 7,625 HP
Lv6 +30% (+1,830 HP) 7,930 HP
Lv7 +35% (+2,135 HP) 8,235 HP
Lv8 +40% (+2,440 HP) 8,540 HP
Lv9 +45% (+2,745 HP) 8,845 HP
Lv10 +50% (+3,050 HP) 9,150 HP

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