M1 Breacher

Unit Role
Tank Burst 50 80 200

Build Cost
280,000 War Factory Lvl 6

Earn Blueprint from Special Ops

General Information[edit | edit source]

The M1 Breacher is the third heavy vehicle the player can build (though the M270 Launcher, the fourth one, is usually avaliable before it).

It's abilities vary significantly from that of one's standard tank, though like the M270, it's built for dishing out hits as a support unit, but in a different fashion.

Normally, when deployed, it functions like a Rhino, with low health and DPS, and prefers to engage enemies with it's stubby cannon.

If Breach Mode is activated by hitting the button above the tank's icon, the player can no longer control it's movement and targeting directly. The tank take some time to deploy it's chain flail and after that, will no longer use it's ranged attack. It will now aggressively ram into enemies, prioritizing the closest defensive platforms over everything else. If it gets close enough to anything that blocks it's path (or reaches a turret), the tank will perform it's CQC attack, dealing the listed DPS rapidly and playing a unique sound. The attack seems to be able to damage barriers behind a targeted building. If the target is destroyed with the tank intact, it will charge to another defense platform and if they are all destroyed, the tank will attack the closest building. This effect will persist until the battle ends, or if the tank is destroyed.

The M1 Breacher tends to behave erratically in breach mode and will often get itself destroyed easily without dealing major damage. It's also no better against Railguns than most other tanks so pack some M270s to tackle them. It's likely for the tank to run into minefields, which can also cause it to be easily destroyed. The tank also takes a whopping 200 capacity and allows only one unit per squad, which can be disruptive to the player's platoon arrangements. It's advised to keep the various turrets distracted while the M1 Breacher shreds them into pieces.

Promote Cost
1 N/A N/A N/A 800 3,500 21,000
2 110,000 N/A x220 M1 Breacher Critical
x110 Heavy Vehicle Common
840 3,610 21,630
3 120,000 N/A x240 M1 Breacher Critical
x120 Heavy Vehicle Common
880 3,720 22,280
4 130,000 N/A x270 M1 Breacher Critical
x130 Heavy Vehicle Common
920 3,830 22,950
5 150,000 N/A x290 M1 Breacher Critical
x150 Heavy Vehicle Common
970 3,940 23,640
6 160,000 12,000 x320 M1 Breacher Critical
x160 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,020 4,060 24,350
7 180,000 15,000 x360 M1 Breacher Critical
x180 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,070 4,180 25,080
8 200,000 20,000 x390 M1 Breacher Critical
x200 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,120 4,310 25,830
9 220,000 25,000 x430 M1 Breacher Critical
x2200 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,180 4,440 26,600
10 240,000 30,000 x470 M1 Breacher Critical
x240 Heavy Vehicle Common
1,240 4,570 27,400


Chain Flail

Boron Carbide Armor

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The M1 Breacher is basically the M1A1 Abrams with a chain flail, meaning that they are based on the same vehicle.
    • Ironically, Chain flails are able to trigger minefields without causing major damage to allied units, so it's unknown why the M1 Breacher (and the MK Shredder) can't do so in the game.
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