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Infantry units are slow, fragile ground u

nits with high DPS and low capacity, more like glass cannons. AOE damage such as the Howitzer or S-13 and Light Vehicles can easily dispose of groups of infantry. Their anti-air capabilities are really effective. It is heavily recommended to shield them by letting tank units like the Rhino or Hind draw enemy fire while they dish out heavy damage. When an individual infantry is killed, they either gurgle in death or scream, including the Wilhelm scream.

Their production building is the Barracks. Building Machine Gunners and further require the least amount of critical components.

Unit Role Damage
(Lvl 1)
(Lvl 1)
Speed Range XP Per Level Capacity Target Efficiency
Inf Lt Veh Hvy Veh Copt Planes
Rifleman DPS Sus 75 500 45 220 5 20 G B G E E
Machine Gunner DPS Sus 108 900 40 225 40 G B G E E
Mortarman Sup Bur 80 900 35 310 140 E B G CT CT
Force Recon DPS Sus 150 1,500 47 230 3500 G B G E E
MAAWS Team Sup Bur 100 1,200 35 330 3500 E B G CT CT
Sniper Sup Bur 302 1,500 60 400 0 80 E G B E B

Legend: DPS - Damage/Sec, AOE - Area of Effect, Sus - Sustained, Bur - Burst, Sup - Support, E - Excellent, G - Good, B - Bad, CT - Cannot Target

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