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Howitzers fire explosives into the air and rain down destruction on any attackers caught in the blast.
  — In-Game Description 
Can target Ground Can target Air Damage Type Reload Time
Yes No AOE 3.5 Seconds

General Information[]

The Howitzer turret can be decent on defense. It may not be accurate, but the right targets will suffer the most. Most notably, light vehicles and infantry are the easiest targets.

It has a blind spot where it cannot fire upon. It also strictly targets ground foes, limiting their effectiveness on a defense unless aided by other turrets. This alone makes it a poor pick as even the Railgun, another ground-only turret, does better against all grounded units at the cost of a shorter range.

Tank-role units such as the Rhino can mostly ignore this turret as the Howitzer deals very little damage to them. However, they tend to enter it's blind spot when attacking it directly, so they must be manually directed to draw away it's fire.

Upgrade Progression[]

Level Cost Damage Per Second Range Speed Requirements
1 Metal6,000 57 ~250 - 440 80 Command Center Lvl 2
2 Metal25,000 68 Command Center Lvl 3
3 Metal75,000 81 Command Center Lvl 4
4 Metal210,000 98 Command Center Lvl 5
5 Metal615,000 117 Command Center Lvl 6
6 Metal2,225,000 Command Center Lvl 7

Visual Progression[]

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Turret-Pic-Howitzer.png Howitzer 2.png Howitzer 3.png
Level 5 Level 6