Unleashes explosive shells that devastate enemy air units.
  — In-Game Description 
Can target Ground Can target Air Damage Type Reload Time
No Yes AOE 2.25 Seconds

General Information Edit

The Flak Gun is very deadly to all air units due to it's great range, especially to Helicopters. It is the only turret that strictly targets air. Thus, its greatest weakness is ground units.

It can heavily damage Thunderbolts and Raptors flying directly to it only if it's not baited, but it doesn't stop a full group of Reapers quickly as they fly in circles, making it hard to deal with. It also has the fastest turn rate of any turret in the game, but AOE damage can be avoided if the player is quick enough.

Upgrade Progression Edit

Level Cost Damage Per Second Range Speed Requirements
1 Metal-Icon75,000 707 500 500 Command Center Lvl 3
2 Metal-Icon210,000 779 Command Center Lvl 4
3 Metal-Icon615,000 858 Command Center Lvl 5
4 Metal-Icon2,225,000 942 Command Center Lvl 6
5 Metal-Icon4,220,000 1,037 Command Center Lvl 7

Visual Progression Edit

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
Turret-Pic-FlakGun Flak Gun 2
Level 5
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