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A new event was just launched called Revelation.  It's comprised of 3 Missions that grant skulls (event currency) and when you collect enough of them, you unlock prizes.

Revelation table.jpg

This video shows what the 3 Missions look like at CC5


Revelation Missions 1, 2 and 3

This video shows the 3 new units you can unlock


Revelation Unit Variants

There are two recurring events where you can earn rare items.

Strike Battle[]

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Starting on Wednesdays at 10:00 AM PDT (Pacific), for 24 hours you can earn Strike cards by securing victories in PvP Battle.  Strikes are single-use items used in battle to either call in reinforcements or heavy artillery. Strikes have a low chance of appearing in Bronze crates, a medium chance in Silver crates and you are guaranteed to get a Strike from a Gold crate. You can store up to 3 of the same Strike in your inventory at a given time.

Rise of La Muerte[]

La Muerte.jpg

Starting on most Fridays at 10:00 AM PDT, for 24 hours you can attack La Muerte Strongholds from your base HUD.  The main reason to attack these bases is to earn the blueprint for the Sniper unit and its Critical Components. 

This is where you can use your Redeploy Tokens to hit the same instance of a base multiple times and have the damage persist to the next battle.  Also, you get a % damage bonus on subsequent tries so the base gets “easier” for each redeployment until you destroy the base.  Try to max out on tokens before attacking.

Special Op[]

In the newer version, there is a new weekly all-purpose event: Special Op. It occurs every Thursday. You can get a large variety of prizes including: Unit Commons, Unit Crits, Equipment, Mega Unit Parts, Strikes, Resources (Metal and Thorium), and Equipment Tech. You can also get new unit blueprints and equipment from Special Op. The levels are called the Vajra Arms Camps.

Monthly Unit Events[]

Every month, KIXEYE releases a new unit. The event levels are then adjusted to benefit the type of the new unit. These events have varying names. It is similar to Special Op, but it is the first time the new unit appears in an event.

Bounty Events[]

In recent updates, a new Bounty Event was added that gives players resource buffs on metal, Thorium, and oil. The events occur daily. You must attack different targets to get 1 Bounty token per target. Each Bounty event appears 3 times a day, 2 hours apart and they last for 30 minutes.

To see the Bounty Timetable, click here. Timetable varies worldwide.

Bounty Event Information
Event Name Target Buff
Scavenger World Map


Challenger Quickmatch


Tax Collector Strongholds Metal
Tax Collector Outposts Metal