War Commander: Rogue Assault Wikia

Equip with turrets to defend your base. Higher level platforms have more armor which makes them much tougher to take down.
  — In-Game Description 

General Information[]

Unlike the game's predecessor, War Commander, turret levels are separate between Defense Platforms after the Defense Lab was removed before the worldwide release. Like the Minefield's mines, equipping or upgrading turrets do not give XP.

The best and most common strategy is to group them up into one area to maximize their turret's DPS covered with Minefields and Barriers. Your opponent will get no stars if they only destroy your buildings other the platforms.

Turrets must be individually purchased and upgraded, and each ix exclusive to one turret only. Their fire rates can be buffed with transformers. If a defense platform was destroyed the boost to other turrets of a transformer will increase, if multiple ones are on it's AOE.

They are not to be confused with heavy platforms which are much more durable, have a different selection of turrets, and are buffed by Heavy Transformers instead.

A platform will be unarmed at first unless the player purchases a turret for it, upon which it will become weaponized for the rest of the game.


Turret Unlocked by Targets Max Range Damage Type
Machine Gun Default Everything 400 Ballistic Cannon
Howitzer Command Center Lvl 2 Ground 440 Explosive Mortar
Railgun Command Center Lvl 3 Ground 360 Armor-Piercing Cannon
Flak Gun Command Center Lvl 4 Air 500 Ballistic Cannon
Salvo Command Center Lvl 4 Everything 500 Armor-Piercing Rocket
SAM Command Center Lvl 5 Fixed-Wing Aircraft 750 Armor-Piercing Missile
Gatekeeper Command Center Lvl 6 Enemy Rocket Projectiles 400 Rocket Countermeasure
Hydra Command Center Lvl 6 Everything 500 Explosive Missile
Peacemaker Mortar Command Center Lvl 7 Ground 650 Ballistic Mortar
Stealth Breaker Command Center Lvl 12 Raven and Phantom 400+ Meter Wave Radar
Watchmen Command Center Lvl 12 Enemy Mortar Projectiles

Upgrade Progression[]

Level Metal Cost Health XP Gain Requirements
1 7,000 5,500 +60 N/A
2 15,000 6,500 +120 Command Center Lvl 2
3 45,000 7,500 +360 Command Center Lvl 3
4 120,000 8,500 +950 Command Center Lvl 4
5 480,000 9,250 +3,780 Command Center Lvl 5
6 1,920,000 10,000 +15,200 Command Center Lvl 6
7 3,840,000 13,000 +30,300 Command Center Lvl 7
8 7,680,000 18,000 +60,500 Command Center Lvl 8

Visual Progression[]

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
BldgMenu-Pic-DefensePlatform.png Defense Platform 2.png Defense Platform 3.png Defense Platform 4.png
Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Defense Platform 5.png