War Commander: Rogue Assault Wikia
War Commander: Rogue Assault Wikia


Unit Role
Support: AOE Ballistic 120 170 50 Machine Gunner Squad

IFV Crew

6mm Aluminum Pannel

FIM-43 Redeye Missile

Build Cost
170,000 N/A War Factory Lvl 5

Player Level 26

​​​​​General Information[]

The Cougar is a cheaper alternative to the HUMVEE, boasting the same general stats and sharing several equipment slots, though it has a lower squad count. It can also attack Fixed-Wing Aircraft and has a similar DPS.

After reaching level 2, it will be able to carry a machine gunner squad with five units. These are spawned when the vehicle is destroyed and will continue fighting on their own, but cannot be directed manually. Additionally, their stats are identical to the machine gunners the player can build, including any bonuses from their equipment. For example, if the player has level 10 machine gunners, a level 2+ Cougar will deploy level 10 machine gunners when it's destroyed.

Although it is generally similar to the HUMVEE in a sense, the Cougar is actually better as while fewer of them can be brought into combat, their destruction will not drastically reduce the player's firepower and indeed just a few machine gunners spawning from a destroyed vehicle could dismantle distracted turrets as they turn on the player's heavier vehicles, or just serve as a distraction themselves. It also takes much less capacity than what five machine gunners AND a single HUVMEE would take. Additionally, even on it's own, the DPS is quite decent, so it also doubles as a support vehicle and can be used to kite enemies.

Promote Cost
1 N/A N/A N/A 211 704 7,217
2 110,000 N/A x620 Cougar Critical
x740 Light Vehicle Common
217 720 7,433
3 120,000 N/A x740 Cougar Critical
x810 Light Vehicle Common
224 736 7,656
4 130,000 N/A x890 Cougar Critical
x890 Light Vehicle Common
231 752 7,886
5 150,000 N/A x1100 Cougar Critical
x980 Light Vehicle Common
238 768 8,122
6 160,000 9,250 x1300 Cougar Critical
x1100 Light Vehicle Common
245 784 8,366
7 180,000 12,500 x1500 Cougar Critical
x1200 Light Vehicle Common
252 800 8,617
8 200,000 16,500 x1800 Cougar Critical
x1300 Light Vehicle Common
260 816 8,875
9 220,000 20,750 x2200 Cougar Critical
x1400 Light Vehicle Common
267 832 9,142
10 240,000 25,000 x2600 Cougar Critical
x1600 Light Vehicle Common
275 850 9,416


  • The Cougar is based on the eponymous a real-life vehicle.
  • Due to a bug, the Cougar cannot damage drones like Reaper. It will still attempt to fire at the drones but the bullets will always miss and fail to deal damage. The bug can be remedied partially with the FIM-43 Redeye Missile, which is an independent secondary weapon that targets all flying enemies in front of the vehicle. This does not happen to Machine Gunners and most other infantry units capable of targeting them.
  • Despite the game saying "Support: AOE", the Cougar does not deal area damage so it's unknown how can it deliver support that way. Same goes for Stryker IFV.
  • During a defense, the Cougar may sometimes fail to spawn the Machine Gunners when destroyed,.
  • The Cougar is not anymore or less resistant to mines than any other vehicle in the game.