War Commander: Rogue Assault Wikia
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Contributor - Azragaul

Control of units during an attack is fairly straightforward.  Click on the icon of the unit you would like to move then click the location on the map you would like the unit to move to or click the building you would like the unit to attack. Your platoon can have up to 5 different units or squads.  You can control multiple squads in the same platoon by clicking the control all button.  A more advanced way to control multiple units is to use multiple fingers to tap multiple squads in your platoon at the same time.  This will allow you to select two three or four of the five squads in your platoon so you can control them separately.

For platoon composition, it is not necessary to place all of one type of unit into one slot in a platoon.  If you place for example 8 S13 in one squad they will be quite spread out when attacking.  This makes them less venerable to aoe weapons like howitzers but has a tendency to get the units on the edge of the group picked off by machine gun turrets etc.  If you want to keep your units in a tighter formation use all five slots in your platoon and place an even number of units of the same type in multiple slots.  Let's say for example your platoon consists of 4 Abrams and 8 s13s. You could use only two slots in your platoon.  A better option might be to use 2 slots for the Abrams so you have 2 in each slot and 2 slots for the s13 so you have 4 in each slot.  Combine this with the ability to use two fingers to control only the s13 or tanks when needed.  This will add flexibility to your platoons as in the above example the tanks could move toward separate turrets to shield the s13s behind them. 

Another thing to be aware of is that certain units can fire on the move.  PKs, Humvee, and Cobras are a few examples of this.  If for example you are using PKs and drive them close enough to buildings to be in range of the PKs guns but click on a location on the ground near the buildings instead of the building itself the PKs will drive by the building, start targeting it and eventually blow it up if within range long enough.  This can be particularly useful when trying to avoid fire from howitzers or salvos.