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• 11/21/2017

Rubi guideline to war zone freezes and won’t let me attack.

Hi, I’m a new player and love this game. I just got through level 10 and at level 11 I was able to build the satellite for war zone. Rubi guide came on with the pointing finger thing to follow instructions. I followed through the Deloy and went to War Zone. I clicked on the enemy base and it froze. I could NOT attack or get out of that screen unless I turned it off. Anyone have solution for this ?? Is it only me or anyone else went through this too?

What do I do?

Love this game!!
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• 12/27/2017
Yea I'm having similar problems. It wants me to hit attack but I need to re pair my troops. So I can not hit attack
• 12/28/2017
I am stuck here also. I can’t repair or attack. I deleted the game and reinstalled it and it takes me back to the same place. I’m stuck in a loop. I could start over but I would lose what I just bought. HELP PLEASE.
• 1/8/2018
IM having the same problem. I think it has to do with not having troops ready for action. If you have zero then it might activate the bug. Not posting pick. Same as above.
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